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here's a link to a video of des Kadors
playing at a festival in the south of France

Sunday Evenings

7 - 9 pm Bayside Grange
2297 Jacoby Creek Road

here's a link to a map

donations gladly accepted

here's a link to recording from a festival
A Bout de Souffle produces every year
with 20 like-minded bands - Bagad Kafe

will provide arrangements for a variety of
popular and folk music from all over the world


Fanfare v.d. EersteliefdesNacht plays
the old Italian pop song Azzurro

bring horns
(flutes, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, tubas)
and drums
a stand
and rudimentary (at least) reading skills

Carnival Band of Vancouver plays Salsa Sue

Quick FAQ

What instruments are welcome?
The group is planned as a wind band with flutes, clarinets, saxophones of all flavors, trumpets, trombones, baritone horns, tubas and percussion but parts will be found for accordians, banjos or most any other instruments any one might want to join in with.

Would I need to be able to read music?
The ability to read music always helps ensembles sound better faster, but too much great music has been made by musicians who learn by ear to exclude them from groups. The desire to learn to read is as important as the actual ability to
read. It's easy . . . and within a group is the best place to learn.

What music will the band play?
After many years leading, arranging and composing for bands Gregg Moore has an impressive library of pop and folk music from all over the world, rock, jazz, latin, klezmer, funk, blues, reggae and much more. As a leading researcher of world wind band styles Gregg Moore has compiled an impressive collection of the music of bands in Africa, India, Bolivia, Serbia, Brasil, Mexico, Suriname & Indonesia among others. This all is open to exploration and suggestions from the players as to repertoire are welcome.

Is this workshop for me?
If you've ever played in High school or College concert, Jazz or marching bands or if you've always wanted to learn a wind instrument in a low pressure ambience where the emphasis was on the fun in playing music together OR if you already play and are looking for a different playing situation to work on reading or improvisational skills (yes, there will be a LOT of space for improvising and in many different styles), this is a workshop for you. Bring an instrument in good working order, a stand and an eagerness to play together with other people and printed parts will be provided for all skill levals.

What does the band sound like?
Funny you should ask . . . pretty good actually . . . . here's some recordings from a recent performance . . . .
Bukovina, Manic Depression, Milonga de la Ramona, There's No Business Like Show Business, Fairground excerpt

Here's a couple more links to various bands:
Here's Peace Artistes from Bradford, England playing SofiaTown
And here's TaTaRa from Hamburg, Germany playing our own folk music, California Girls

More examples and much more information about Alternative Bands and World Bands can be found
in the Relevant Music site - here - Alternative Bands and here - World Bands

IG Blech plays the old Screamin' Jay Hawkins warhorse I Put A Spell on You