Muzique de la Cirk

The thrills, spills, humor and drama of the circus provide the inspiration for the music of CALLIOPE.
These are the sounds that accompany the pratfalls of the clowns, the tension of the tightrope walker, the coordination of the jugglers and the agility of the acrobats. Gregg Moore spent 30 as a musician, composer & music director for theater in Europe including much circus with groups such as Friends Roadshow,
Footsbarn Theater and Circo da Lua . Upon returning to his native Humboldt County he discovered in
Gabe Lubouw, Jonathan Kipp and Matt Wardynski the inventive spirits capable of realizing this
music in personal and creative ways. In these capable hands this combination of original compositions
and existing themes takes on surprising new elements in each performance.

Matt Warkdynski - clarinet
Jonathan Kipp - percussion, vibes
Gabe Lubow - keyboards
Gregg Moore . tuba, mandolin