A home for interesting, less-than-commercial music in Arcata

The Quick Overview

Saturday, 12 August doors - 7pm. music-8pm
Bad Luck

Saxophone & Drums in conversation

Tuesday, 15 August doors - 6pm, music - 8pm
Jake Sucher
Singing/Songwriting from a New Jazz perspective

Thursday, 7 Sept. doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Mare Wakefield & Nomad
Our pals from Nashville . . checkin' in

Friday, 15 Sept. doors - 7 pm, music - 8 pm
Hunter Gather
2 guitars & saxophone jazz from Seattle

Tuesday, 19 Sept. doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Pete & Will Anderson
jazz saxophone duo

Tuesday, 26 Sept. doors - 6pm. music-7pm
A Latin Evening

Thursday, 28 Sept.
doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Johnny Connolly & Eamon McElholm
2/5ths of Solas

Sunday, 15 October doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Cassie & Maggie McDonald
Cape Breton fiddle & piano

Thursday, 19 October doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Odd Job Ensemble
Accordion based Klezmer/Balkan trio

Monday, 23 October doors - 6pm, music - 7pm
Joey Abarta
Foremost American Uilleann (Irish) piper

Thurs., 9 Nov. doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Ari & Mia Friedman
Americana Chamber-Folk

Saturday, 12 August
Bad Luck

Saxophone & Drums in conversation

Chris Icasiano - drums
Niel Welch - saxophones & electronics

By dint of their over 10 years playing together as a duo, these two stalwarts of the Seattle Jazz and
new music world have developed an uncommon communication that has had critics such as Dave Wayne at All About Jazz
proclaiming their music 'Powerful and virtuosic, cutting edge music', and the esteemed Earshot Jazz Magazine in Seattle
recognized them as the 'Outside Jazz Group' of 2011. Their 2012 release 'Two' was hailed as the 'Album of the Year by no less
than the New York Jazz Review and 'Hard edged and audacious' by the New York Jazz Record
To be fair it must be acknowledged that this is a duo dedicated to finding the edge of the envelope and pushing hard.
We're likely not to hear many of the popular melodies of the great american songbook or swinging constructions
generally favored by traditional 'jazz' musicians. Rather, musicians such as Niel and Chris embody the
esthetic of jazz music that embraces the creative spirit pushing players up to the challange to explore
and develop the new worlds their prodigeous technique and knowledge of the music and instrument affords.
As in most jazz, Bad Luck play melodies, however unconventional, and explore extensions of those melodies
thru improvisation and a journey of discovery impelled by their seemingly bottomless imaginations.

“Bad Luck chop up time and space into jagged, unpredictable shapes,
but sometimes they hit upon a quasi-funk groove that sounds like an
asymmetrical avalanche. Most of the time, you have no idea where they're going,
but they impel you to follow closely, no matter what.” –Dave Segal, The Stranger


Thursday, 7 Sept.
Mare Wakefield & Nomad

Our pals from Nashville . . checkin' in

Tuesday, 19 Sept.
Peter & Will Anderson Trio from NYC

Identical twins on sax, clarinet, flute with a guitarist

Peter and Will Anderson are one of the most extraordinary set of brothers performing music today.
Known for their unique renditions of classic jazz songs and innovative original music, they hail from Washington, DC,
but moved to New York City to attend Juilliard. Peter and Will have performed with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra,
Village Vanguard Orchestra, Jimmy Heath Big Band, Wycliffe Gordon, Cecile McLorin Salvant, Paquito D’Rivera,
Kenny Barron, Bob Wilber, Albert “Tootie” Heath, live on Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion, and are featured on
the 2014 Grammy Winning Soundrack of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire with Vince Giordano’s Nighthawks.

The Anderson’s have headlined at The Blue Note, Jazz at Lincoln Center, The Kennedy Center, New Orleans Jazz Festival,
Sarasota Florida Jazz Festival, South Carolina’s Jazz Corner, Seattle’s Triple Door, Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center,
DC’s Blues Alley, and Arizona Music Festival. Their ensemble has performed in over 40 U.S. States, toured Japan, and
featured four times in NYC’s famed “Highlights in Jazz” series, alongside Lou Donaldson, Ken Peplowski, and Warren Vache.
As guest clinicians, Peter and Will have visited Temple University, Xavier University, University of South Florida, University of
Central Oklahoma, Florida State
University, Ohio State University, Michigan State University, University of Scranton and others.

Peter and Will’s debut release from 2012, Correspondence, features Kenny Barron and was listed in Vanity Fair magazine
alongside Miles Davis in “Four New Releases to Make You Love Jazz.” The Washington Post called their music,
“imaginatively unfolding in ways that consistently bring a fresh perspective to classic jazz.” Their newest album,
Deja Vu, features Albert “Tootie” Heath and was called “a burner that reveals the band’s cohesiveness and spirit” by JazzTimes.
In 2016, they performed live on Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion, playing a duo version of “Lotus Blossom”
commemorating Billy Strayhorn’s centennial.


Tuesday, 26 Sept.

A Latin Evening

Thursday, 28 Sept.
Johnny Connolly & Eamon McElholm

2/5ths of Solas

Sunday, 15 October
Cassie & Maggie McDonald

Cape Breton fiddle & piano


Thurs., 9 Nov.
Ari & Mia Friedman

Americana Chamber-Folk
***** Special Request *****
Many of our visiting performers are in need of a place to stay when they come to play.
Any House Concerteers with the wherewithall to take home a musician can count on,
not only free admission, but the scintillating company of a disciplined and conscientious
student of their chosen musical tradition. Let me know if this is a possibility.


Imagining what a House Concert featuring one tune from each of our performers over the entire year might sound like, I've lined up one example of what each of our performers have provided us over the past year. To be sure, there have been a couple of evenings that missed being recorded and I hope your favorite was not among them. I also hope you can do without titles as announcements are not always intelligible on the recordings. Click on each of these links to access the audio files.

01) Cillian Vallely & Kevin Crawford
02) Dan Newton
03) The Lost Trio
04) Hanz Araki/Colleen Raney/Stuart Mason
05) Goitse
06) Snowapple
07) Johnny Connoly & Leonard Barry
08) Cassie & Maggie McDonald
09) Frankie & Sean Gavin
10) Syrinx Effect
11) Dana Lyn & Kyle Sanna
12) Luke Brechtelsbauer
13) Dan Walsh
14) David Power
15) Pascal Gemme & Yann Falquet
16) Johnny Connolly/Winifred Horan/Cary Novotny
17) Anita McDonald
18) John Schott ACTUAL Trio
19) Ned Evett


These evenings are supported by the
soup, fresh bread, beer, wine, coffee, tea & general conviviality
for which doors will open an hour before the music starts.

Suggested Donation - $25 - 10 sliding scale
(thank you, Dan Compton)
Contact via:
(707) 499-8516 for more information