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The Quick Overview

Friday, 1 February doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Michael Vatcher & Richard Saunders
with Jill Petricca, Jonathan Kipp & Gregg Moore

Sunday, 3 Februrary 2 - 5 pm
David Lochtie

workshop in Creativity

Friday, 8 February doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Wayne Horvitz & Sara Schoenbeck
New Music for Keyboards & Bassoon

Wed., 13 Feburary doors - 6pm. music-7pm
John Stowell
Sublime Jazz Guitar

Sat., 16 March doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Ken Waldsman
Stories & Songs from Alaska

Wed., 20 March doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Clara Baker & Kendl Winter
Folk Vocal Duo from Portland

Tuesday, 16 April doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Gregg Belisle-Chi
Cutting Edge Jazz Guitar from Brooklyn, N.Y.

Friday, 13 Sept. doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Rupert Wates
Singing-Songwriting from Nashville

Friday, 1 Feburary
Michael Vatcher & Richard Saunders
with Jill Petricca, Jonathan Kipp & Gregg Moore

Long time jazz fans around Humboldt Bay will know Richard Saunders and Michael Vatcher
as the visionary rhythm section of the legendary quintet Joint Session during the early 1970's
when Old Town Eureka could boast 4 or 5 live bands on any given night of the week.
In the intervening years Richard moved back to the Bay Area to become one of the
regions most in-demand bassists and finding a place in the trio of Jessica Williams
among many other plum positions. He's been a mainstay of the faculty of the
Cobb Street Community Music Center guiding many young bassists toward the music:
Michael Vatcher followed the humble scribe to Holland where he took to the expansive culture of creativity and experimentation like the proverbial pig to poop and making a name for himself as one of the most creative percussionists currently at work anywhere. He's played and recorded with John Zorn, Bill Frisell, Tristan Honsinger Sextet, the Maarten Altena Ensemble, The Ex, Roof, George Graewe, Available Jelly, The Persons, Michiel Braam and Matilde Santing among many others.

A year ago Michael and Richard were invited to play as part of Claire Iris Schenke's IPadJazzArt
show at Black Faun Gallery and were joined by Jill Petricca on saxophones and flute,
Jonathan Kipp on vibraphone and myself playing trombone and tuba and it's that quintet we'll be recreating for the evening.

Sunday, 3 Feburary
David Lochtie

workshop in Creativity

Over a 30 year career in the visual arts Eureka native David Lochtie has considered carefully
the connections between the various creative disciplines. In his own work he has drawn
inspiration from words, music and movement and understood that his images are able to
spark each of those in turn. He considers the creative impulse to be universal manifesting
itself in many different ways and that the work of engaging the creative self as benefitting
mental and physical health, relationships and any project involving problem solving.
As part of his exploration David has often employed the help of artists of many disciplines
and skills gathering them together in workshops to look at the intersections created
by disciplinary overlap. And it's one of those workshops David intends to lead on the
afternoon of 3 Feb. He'll be providing materials for painting and drawing and
writing, there'll be room to move as well as musicians on hand to provide a variety of sounds.
And under the guidence of David's gentle expertise connections will emerge and take ideas
place they never imagined they would lead. In addition to schools of all levels David Lochtie has
worked with city planners and architects to arrive at solutions by unorthadox methods.
His own writings about the work are fascinating and give an idea of the depth of his
investigation, well worth the read and you can find them HERE.

Due to the space requirements for a succesful workshop participants will be limited to 14
so please R.S.V.P. A.S.A.P. with your interest in attending.

Friday, 8 February
Wayne Horvitz & Sara Schoenbeck

New Music for Keyboards & Bassoon


Wed., 13 February
John Stowell

Sublime Jazz Guitar
*** Radim Zenkl GoFundMe ***
Some may not yet know that our pal, House Concert performer and world reknowned
mandolinist Radim Zenkl lost his house including many valuable instruments and
invaluable family and touring mementos in the fires in Paradise in November.
Support is being collected thru the following GoFundMe link -


***** Special Request *****
Many of our visiting performers are in need of a place to stay when they come to play.
Any House Concerteers with the wherewithall to take home a musician can count on,
not only free admission, but the scintillating company of a disciplined and conscientious
student of their chosen musical tradition. Let me know if this is a possibility.


Imagining what a House Concert featuring one tune from each of our performers over the entire year might sound like, I've lined up one example of what each of our performers have provided us over the past year. To be sure, there have been a couple of evenings that missed being recorded and I hope your favorite was not among them. I also hope you can do without titles as announcements are not always intelligible on the recordings. Click on each of these links to access the audio files.

01) Cillian Vallely & Kevin Crawford
02) Dan Newton
03) The Lost Trio
04) Hanz Araki/Colleen Raney/Stuart Mason
05) Goitse
06) Snowapple
07) Johnny Connoly & Leonard Barry
08) Cassie & Maggie McDonald
09) Frankie & Sean Gavin
10) Syrinx Effect
11) Dana Lyn & Kyle Sanna
12) Luke Brechtelsbauer
13) Dan Walsh
14) David Power
15) Pascal Gemme & Yann Falquet
16) Johnny Connolly/Winifred Horan/Cary Novotny
17) Anita McDonald
18) John Schott ACTUAL Trio
19) Ned Evett


These evenings are supported by the
soup, fresh bread, beer, wine, coffee, tea & general conviviality
for which doors will open an hour before the music starts.

Suggested Donation - $25 - 10 sliding scale
(thank you, Dan Compton)
Contact via:
(707) 499-8516 for more information