A home for interesting, less-than-commercial music in Arcata

The Quick Overview

Saturday, 27 May doors - 7pm. music-8pm

Jazz from USC

Monday, 29 May doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Christian Pincock & Jonathan Kipp

Valve Trombone & electronics
Vibraphone & electronics
Solos & Duets

Saturday 3 June doors - 7pm. music-8pm
Hiroy Tsukamoto
Cinematic Guitar poetry

Monday, 3 July doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Joanna Wallfisch

sublime piano and songs

Saturday, 8 July doors - 7pm. music-8pm
Leah Grams Johnson

Eureka Singer/Songwriter from Nashville

Thursday, 20 July doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Jonah Udall & Sound Underground

New Jazz trip from Miami, Fl.

Monday, 7 August doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Howard Alden

Virtuoso Jazz Guitar

Saturday, 12 August doors - 7pm. music-8pm
Bad Luck

Saxophone & Drums in conversation

Thursday, 7 Sept. doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Mare Wakefield & Nomad
Our pals from Nashville . . checkin' in

Tuesday, 19 Sept. doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Pete & Will Anderson
jazz saxophone duo

Thursday, 28 Sept. doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Johnny Connolly & Eamon McElholm
2/5ths of Solas

Sunday, 15 October doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Cassie & Maggie McDonald
Cape Breton fiddle & piano

Thurs., 9 Nov. doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Ari & Mia Friedman
Americana Chamber-Folk

Saturday, 27 May

Jazz from USC

Kyle Scherrer - Guitar
Ari Giancaterino - Bass
Michael Blasky - Sax
Zev Shearn-Nance - Drums

The American art form known as 'JAZZ' , in it's purest form, as a constantly devloping exploration for new expression,
reveling in the myriad influences that push and pull its practioners toward a personal approach to a, by now,
century old tradition, is probably the best reason to take a chance on a quartet of young products of the
Jazz program at the University of Southern Californias Thornton School of Music. Consider the incredible
range of musical expression available to young players today solely by dint of the incredible libraires of music of
other cultures to be found at the touch of a few computer keys. Coupled with the many variations of 'jazz' that have
developed over the past hundred years the possibilities are limitless for adapting new harmonic, rhythmic, melodic
and improvisatory approach to what was once 'ours'. The list Crow-tet provide attest to this broad range of influences.
There are the expected Coltrane, Miles & Dave Holland but then names like Radiohead, Skrillex, Robert Glasper,
Jimi Hendrix, Tony Rice and Brian Blade announce a further set of artists they've taken from.
Purely academically, the members of Crow-tet have spent the last years under the tutelage of such masters of
the traditions as Peter Erskine, Bob Mintzer, Bruce Forman, Darek Oles and Roy McCurdy. A school like USC,
attracting talented and engaged young musicians from all over the county, serves as a wonderful incubator
for new musical ideas and promoting the essence of Jazz assuring that the music,
as trombone great J.J. Johnson noted, '. . . . . will never stand still.'

Interview with Crow-tet


Monday, 29 May
Christian Pincock & Jonathan Kipp

Valve Trombone & electronics
Vibraphone & electronics
Solos & Duets

The scope of electo-acoustic music has been broadend exponentially in recent years with the
introduction of the digital manipulation of acoustic inputs. Harnessing the processing power of
modern computers performers are now capable of designing their own platforms for altering the
sound of their chosen instrument. The electronics amount to an additional instrument to be learned
but one that has the potential to add untold layers of expression to a performance. It’s a
notoriously difficult instrument to add into the mix because, perhaps in keeping with the
analogy of computers as thinking machines, the electronics often seem to have a mind of their own.
Just as the goal in studying a conventional instrument is control to the point of expressing a
coherent musical idea, the goal in adding a layer of electronics is the same.
We’ve had such performers at the humble digs in the past. Kate Olsen & Naomi Siegel of Syrinx Effect
have come from Seattle to conjure their electro-acoustic magic on soprano sax and trombone
several times in the past years. Christian Pincock is also part of the creative music scene in Seattle,
also a trombonist, this time on the less common valved variety, and a seasoned performer having
shared stages with names such as Bob Brookmeyer, Bobby Shew, Toshiko Akiyoshi, George Russell,
Ikue Mori, Wayne Horvitz, Gunther Schuller, Maria Schneider, David Liebman and Slide Hampton
among many others. Christian is currently touring as a duo with drummer, Mike Gebhart, who was
here last summer with the wonderful Ornette Coleman inspired quartet, The Sky is A Suitcase.
As Mike was not available for this leg of the tour, I suggested Christian might trade solo sets
with our local young drum and mallets phenom, Jonathan Kipp who shares his affinity for electronic
manipulation of the acoustic instrument. Jonathan arrived to Humboldt a student of Eugene Novotny
and has distinguished himself as one of most fearless and multi-faceted products of that illustrious
percussion program. He has been heard with such wide ranging ensembles as Eureka Symphony,
Scotia Band, Dr. Novotnys 'Timbata' as well as my own foray into circus inspired music, Calliope.
As they are both accomplished and visionary composers as well as inspired improvisers,
I’m expecting a fascinating evening of solo and duet performances.

You can find out more about Christian Pincock at his website -

And, if nothing else come and encourage Jonathan to get a website.  
He’s a fascinating musician and worthy of the exposure a website devoted to his work would afford.  

Saturday, 3 June
Hiroya Tsukamoto
Cinematic Guitar Poetry


Monday, 3 July doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Joanna Wallfisch

Truth & Beauty on piano and ukulele



Saturday, 8 July doors - 7pm. music-8pm
Leah Grams Johnson

Eureka Singer/Songwriter from Nashville

Wednesday 19 July
Sound Underground
New Eclectic Jazz from Miami

***** Special Request *****
Many of our visiting performers are in need of a place to stay when they come to play.
Any House Concerteers with the wherewithall to take home a musician can count on,
not only free admission, but the scintillating company of a disciplined and conscientious
student of their chosen musical tradition. Let me know if this is a possibility.


Imagining what a House Concert featuring one tune from each of our performers over the entire year might sound like, I've lined up one example of what each of our performers have provided us over the past year. To be sure, there have been a couple of evenings that missed being recorded and I hope your favorite was not among them. I also hope you can do without titles as announcements are not always intelligible on the recordings. Click on each of these links to access the audio files.

01) Cillian Vallely & Kevin Crawford
02) Dan Newton
03) The Lost Trio
04) Hanz Araki/Colleen Raney/Stuart Mason
05) Goitse
06) Snowapple
07) Johnny Connoly & Leonard Barry
08) Cassie & Maggie McDonald
09) Frankie & Sean Gavin
10) Syrinx Effect
11) Dana Lyn & Kyle Sanna
12) Luke Brechtelsbauer
13) Dan Walsh
14) David Power
15) Pascal Gemme & Yann Falquet
16) Johnny Connolly/Winifred Horan/Cary Novotny
17) Anita McDonald
18) John Schott ACTUAL Trio
19) Ned Evett


These evenings are supported by the
soup, fresh bread, beer, wine, coffee, tea & general conviviality
for which doors will open an hour before the music starts.

Suggested Donation - $25 - 10 sliding scale
(thank you, Dan Compton)
Contact via:
(707) 499-8516 for more information