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The Quick Overview

Saturday, 22 Feb. 3pm. music-6pm
Klezmer workshop with Craig Judelman
The Secrets of Yiddish Dixieland Revealed!

Saturday, 29 Feb. doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Freshwater 450

Humboldt's premier Traditional Jazz Band

Monday, 2 March. doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Irish Superstars

Monday, 9 March. doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Samara Jade

Monday, 16 March. doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Helen Gillet
Other Worldly Solo Cello

Tuesday, 17 March. doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Kickin' Names
A little bit country and a little bit punk and a whole lotta fun

Sunday, 22 March doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Molly's Revenge
West Coast Celtic Superstars

Thursday, 26 March. doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Nordic Folk Fusion

Tuesday, 31 March doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Missy Anderson
Rhythm & Blues outta Queens, New York

Wednesday, 1 April doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Scandinavian Improvising

Wednesday, 8 April doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Aoife Scott
Irish songs from a Princess of Irish song

Thursday, 16 April doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Brenda Castles & Joey Abarta
World class Irish

Tuesday, 21 April doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Cuchulain Kelly
Twisted Singing Songwriting

Thursday, 23 April doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Dan Frechette & Lauren Thompson
Lyrically refreshing and musically diverse Roots-Folk

Monday, 27 April doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Mayhall, Scheinmann & Wood

New Music for Drums, Violin & Piano

Wednesday, 29 April doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Never Come Down

Classic Bluegrass Quintet

Monday, 11 May. doors - 6pm. music-7pm
The Rough & Tumble

Songs with Guitars, Ukes & Dogs

Sunday, 17 May doors - 6pm. music-7pm
The Byrne Brothers

Irish Family Band

Sunday, 24 May doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Louise Bichan

Multi-media story telling of a Scots Grandmothers' emigration to Canada

Thursday, 28 May doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Folias Duo

Tangos & More on flute and guitar

Saturday, 30 May doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Mike Gamble Trio

New guitar jazz trio

Thursday, 16 June doors - 6pm. music-7pm

Sounds and songs of Cuba, Argentina & Brasil

Saturday, 22 February *** 3pm. - 6pm ***
Klezmer Workshop with Craig Judelman
Klezmer for Instrumentalists - An Overview
the Mysteries of Yiddish Dixieland Revealed!

Craig Judelman has been playing klezmer music for over twenty years,
from Seattle to New York to Berlin. Touching on the major categories of klezmer tunes,
this workshop will help newcomers and seasoned klezmorim play with authentic style,
understand the roles of the different instruments and get a taste for the
ornaments and phrasing that make this music exciting and joyous.

For more information go to -

Saturday, 29 Feb. doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Freshwater 450
Humboldt's premier Traditional Jazz Band

Mike Barmore - banjo and vocals
George Isenhart - trombone and vocals
Jack Johnson - cornet and vocals
Dan Horton - clarinet
Jim Piehl - sousaphone
Jon Mell -tenor saxophone


Monday, 2 March doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Traditional Irish Superstars

Oisín Mac Diarmada - fiddle
Séamus Begley - vocals / accordion
Seán Gavin - flute / uilleann pipes
Patrick Doocey - guitar
Samantha Harvey - dance

A traditional band with a truly worldwide reach, Téada has appeared as a frequent headliner
at major music festivals throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Africa, Russia, Israel and Australia.
Highlights include a 30,000-capacity stadium concert in Brittany, along with performances at
Penang World Music Festival in Malaysia, Edmonton Folk Festival in Canada, Harare International
Festival of the Arts in Zimbabwe, and Campeche International Festival in Mexico.
In 2014 the band performed to 40,000 people during an extensive 7-week tour of Japan / Taiwan.

Continuing to grow in vision and popularity, Téada recently welcomed a sixth member to the line-up,
legendary West Kerry singer and accordionist Séamus Begley, winner of 2013 TG4 Traditional Singer of the Year.
The band recently released a smashing new album – Ainneoin na stoirme / In spite of the storm – on the Gael Linn label.

Founded by Sligo fiddler Oisín Mac Diarmada, Téada first came together in 2001 to make an
appearance on the innovative TG4 television series ‘Flosc’. One of Irish traditional music’s
leading exponents, Téada is driven by a fascination for the timeless, expressive force of music
inherited from previous generations of musicians. Irish Music Magazine describes the band as
“at the cutting edge of the next generation of Irish musicians…with a fierce familiarity with the old ways.”



Monday, 9 March doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Samara Jade

Samara Jade (previously known as Searra Jade) is a modern folk troubadour and musical
seamstress who stitches together a unique tapestry of sounds with intricate
guitar playing and an acrobatically emotive voice. Weaving diverse musical strands
colored by folk, jazz, blues, world-fusion and even Broadway musicals, Samara’s songs cut through
truth, open hearts, stimulate minds, and perhaps best fall into the nutshell of a fan-coined genre: "Philosopholk."

Inspired deeply by the brave spelunking into the depths of the human psyche and
listening sharply to and appreciating the wonders of the natural world, Samara’s music comes
from the place where her soul meets the soul of the earth. Bird language, fermentation, natural burials,
heart-break - who can broach such a vast array of quirky yet relevant subjects wrapped in a bundle
of personal narrative, expressive delivery and musical expertise but Samara Jade? Leave it to
Samara to slyly pick up a thread of an interesting conversation and come back an hour later saying
"I have a song" - and likely it's one that gets you dancing, laughing, crying, singing along - perhaps all at the same time.

Truly musical medicine for the times we’re in, Samara’s songs cry out the personal and
cultural longing for belonging - to each other, to our souls own path, and to the natural world.
Just like a samara (the winged seed pod of maples trees) itself, Samara Jade envisions that
the wings of these songs will carry them upon the breeze until they land where they are most
needed to be planted, for the sake of cultural reforestation!




Monday, 16 March doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Helen Gillet
Other Worldly Solo Cello

Helen Gillet is a singer-songwriter and surrealist-archeologist exploring synthesized sounds, texture,
and rhythm using an acoustic cello. For someone with her varied background, New Orleans,
with its mix of cultures and musics, seemed like a natural place to call home. She was born in
Belgium, raised in Singapore from the ages of 2 to 11, and routinely shuttled between the homelands of
her Belgian father and American mother. Over the years — working in New Orleans with musicians of all
stripes, from avant-garde jazz and classical to pop and funk — Gillet has developed a singular polyglot style.
The core of her work is solo performance with live looping, layering cello parts and vocal lines.Rhythmic figures
emerge with bowed or plucked ostinatos or a variety of rubbing and slapping on the body of the cello, then enhanced
with melodies played or sung in her haunting alto. Her mixed musical vocabulary is commensurate with her disparate travels
— French chanson of the 1940s, Belgian folk tunes sung in Walloon, a mix of rock and punk from the likes of
PJ Harvey and X-Ray Spex, and her own affecting originals, like audience favorite “Julien,” sung in a mix of French
and English. Gillet’s solo performance is known for its enigmatic quality as she fabricates each song with
innovative use of the cello and true mastery of live looping technology.


Tuesday, 17 March doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Kickin' Names
“A little bit country and a little bit punk and a whole lotta fun"

Alton Fabie - Guitar, Singing, Song & Lyric writing
Christopher Charles - Guitars, Drums, Harmonica, Singing, Songwriting

OK, so this is different . . . .
Kickin' Names comes to us via our palship with Hot Damn Scandal also up there in the
colder northwest. And like HDS, Kickin' Names draws inspriation
from the popular music
that was played in road houses across the US during the 1930's & 40's.
But Kickin' Names mixes that musical aesthetic up with their own roots in
Punk music and the concoction is a wonderful thing to behold. Energetic, tuneful, irreverent
insightful with a social conscience firmly in place and keen political
commentary around every corner. Kickin' Names first toured the Pacific Northwest
in early 2018 and have since been featured in the Rainer beer ads, what'sup magazine and listed in
the stranger, played Seattle FolkLife, the Punk as Folk Festival and they visit here on their way to the
Folk Shit Up Festival in Houston Texas.


Sunday, 22 March doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Molly's Revenge
West Coast Celtic SuperTrio

Stuart Mason - guitar & mandola
John Weed - fiddle
David Brewer - pipes, whistles, bodhran

Molly's Revenge is coming back to town!
By dint of their incredible musicianship and energetic, engaging performances
they've cemented their place as one of the premier traditional Irish/Scots
music ensembles up and down the US West Coast for their 20 years together.
They've been featured at many of the top folk festivals and performing arts
events in the USA, as well as prestigious events in Scotland, Australia and China.
Often singled out for their driving, hard-edged creative arrangements of traditional
Celtic jigs and reels they bring these dance tunes up to date in an exciting way.

David Brewer has been playing whistle and four types of bagpipes for about 20 years.
He studied in Scotland at the Ceolas Music School in South Uist under the tutelage
of some of the best pipers in the world. His authentic and unique style of playing has earned him
the reputation of being one of the most accomplished pipers on the West Coast.
David hascomposed close to 200 traditional style tunes, many of which
have appeared on recordings, independent films, and television.

After a classical training John Weed has spent the last 20 years immersed in various fiddle styles.
Living in Ireland teaching fiddle workshops in Doonbeg, County Clare, he honed his own skills with
Ciaran O'Maonaigh and Dermot Mcloughlin at the Frankie Kennedy Winter School in Dunlewey, County Donegal
With an affinity for American fiddle styles, John explores the connection between
the worlds of Irish, Scottish, and old time fiddle.

Guitarist Stuart Mason is known for his authentic vocals and nimble skill on guitar, mandola,
and banjo and has won numerous awards for songwriting as well as his instrumental prowress.
Stuart's been collecting and performing traditional music for over 40 years appearing
on stage from Ireland to China performing Celtic, old time bluegrass, and his original compositions.

What They're Saying. . . .

"You won't find a more energetic show around. They get the crowd on their feet.
The audience has come back year after year and really enjoys them. We do too."

-- Wayne Brask, Concert Organizer

"Revered in California as one of its most energetic, exciting and innovative bands."
--Shay Black, of the legendary Black family.

"They bring to the music a vital and joyous creativity that excites even the hardest of hearts."

--John Doyle, founding member of Solas.

"The instruments are traditional... but the wild passion they exhibit is thoroughly modern."
--Metro Santa Cruz (CA).

"There is an engaging freshness and yet an impressive maturity in their playing."
--Mick Moloney, National Heritage Award recipient.



Thursday, 26 March doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Nordic Folk Fusion

Amy Hakanson – Nyckelharpa, Fiddle
Joe Pomianek – Guitar, Mandolin
Collin Stackhouse – Fiddle
Steven Skolnik – World Percussion
(Aludu, darbuka, mbira, kit, spoons)

Formed by Amy Hakanson in 2018, Varelse is a unique combination of various traditions,
instruments, and histories. Nyckelharpa, fiddle, guitar, mandolin and various world percussion
instruments come together to create a sound that is simultaneously old and new. Weaving together
Scandinavian folk tradition, North American fiddle tunes, and Western European melodies, together with
African and Middle Eastern rhythmic traditions, Varelse is pushing the boundaries of folk fusion.

Varelse’s live performances showcase their tunes from their debut album Creature Comforts, as well
as new compositions and creative arrangements of
traditional melodies from
Scandinavia, the British Isles, and North America.


Tuesday, 31 March doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Missy Anderson
Rhythm & Blues outta Queens, NY

“One of the truly great voices of our time.”
–PBS Australia / Peter Merrett

“…Vocal magic that lights up the night.”
–Southland Blues / Jim Santella

“The real deal.”
–Washington Blues Society


Wednesday, 1 April doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Improvising from Sweden

Kjell Nordstrom - drums, percussion, electronics
Mats Gustafson - saxophones

Two longtime collaborators, Gustafsson and Nordeson, have rejoined for this rare occasion of improvised music.
AALY Duo, formed in the 1980's was the original core of what later developed into AALY trio + Ken Vandermark,
a central group in the vital musical exchange between Stockholm and Chicago happening in the late 90s.

Gustafsson, based in Austria, is a seminal figure on the improvised and alternative music scenes
in Europe and elsewhere. His work with musicians like Joe McPhee, Otomo Yoshihide, Barry Guy,
Peter Brötzmann, Thurston Moore, and the groups FIRE and The Thing, is characterized by an
intentional fluidity between genres, always looking for the core of the music.

Nordeson, residing in San Francisco, is an active member of the Bay Area improvised
and contemporary music scene. He regularly works with musicians such as Larry Ochs, Jon Raskin,
Phillip Greenlief, Lisa Mezzacappa, and many others. Nordeson is a member of sfSound,
a music ensemble dedicated to improvised music and the edge of contemporary
composed music. He earned a Ph.D. in music from UC San Diego. During his time in
Southern California, he regularly played together with Mark Dresser and Anthony Davis.

The duo will improvise and play a few selected AALY originals dating back
to their early endeavors in northern Sweden.

Wednesday, 8 April doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Aoife Scott
Irish Songs from Irish Vocal Royalty

Born into the legendary Black family – Aoife is steadily rising to the top of the traditional and folk music scene.
Fragile and ethereal one minute and strong and vibrant the next, Aoife has a dynamic and profound voice,
which explores the emotional depths of her lyrics, leaving the audience entranced. Her music has a broad creative
scope but is largely influenced by her own roots in folk and traditional Irish music. Her recent accolades in 2018,
have seen her named Best Folk Act at the Irish Post Music Awards (IRE), as well as Emerging Artist of the
Year at the Live Ireland Awards (US).

In January of this year, Aoife appeared on BBC2, performing live from Celtic Connections in Scotland,
among many other TV and Media appearances. She currently appears every Sunday night in
Ireland on national TV channel TG4 on the show “Realta & Gaolta” and presented live music
performance show “The Windmill Lane Sessions”.

Aoife is a true veteran of the Irish & Folk Festival circuit, having performed & headlined at dozens of
festivals across the continents, including The National Folk Festival & Port Fairy Folk Festival –
Australia, Mood Indigo Cultural Festival – India, Milwaukee Irish Fest- USA, Festival Interceltique de Lorient –
France, London Feis – UK, and Temple Bar Trad Fest, Ireland to name only a few.

Some past successes has seen Aoife and her cousins, Ro´isi´n O & Danny O Reilly from The Coronas,
released their single “Grace” which hit straight into the number 1 slot on iTunes in Ireland. Aoife’s single
“All Along the Wild Atlantic Way” also hit #1 slot, knocking Ed Sheeran off the top spot and was also named
“Song of the Year” at the Irish Folk Music Awards in 2017.

Following the success of her debut album, “Carry the Day”, wherein the Irish Times quoted it as
“richly layered impressive debut album”, Aoife is currently writing her follow up – a second full-length album.


Thursday, 16 April doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Brenda Castles & Joey Abarta
The Irish Diaspora personified

Brenda Castle - concertina
Joey Abarta - Uilleann Pipes & whistles

Brenda Castles comes from a rich tradition of music in Co. Meath.
H aving learned concertina from Rena Traynor (née Crotty) and concertina maestro, Mícheál Ó'Raghallaigh.
She has several All Ireland Fleadh titles to her name both in solo and group competitions.
Music has brought her around the world from Hong Kong to Rekjavik, Taipei to Tipperary.
Brenda divides her time between Dublin and New York, performing and teaching regularly in both cities.
She released her debut solo album, 'Indeedin You Needn't Bother' in December of 2016.
She's been a performer in two Celtic Sojourn productions and she joined the Green Fields of America
collective for concerts throughout 2016-2019.

Joey Abarta is widely considered one of the finest american exponents of the Uilleann Pipes, the native Irish pipes.
Born and raised in LA, Joey received his first instruction from Dubliner Pat D’Arcy, a founding member
of the Southern California Uilleann Pipers Club. In the intervening 16 years he's garnered some of the most
prestigeous prizes inIrish traditional music including an All-Ireland championship, placing second worldwide at the
Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann and first prize at the An tOireachtas, the first American to do so since 1969.
In 2015 Joey was honored to be a recipient of a traditional arts apprenticeship from the
Massachusetts Cultural Council , a grant to teach his art to the next generation.
Currently based in Boston,
Joey divides his attention between performance, teaching, and recording. In addition to performing solo,
he performs with Nathan Gourley of “Life is all Checkered” fame and has toured with Mick Moloney
and the group The Green Fields of America; while at home, he organizes the meetings of the Boston Pipers Club,
teaches for Comhaltas’ Boston Music School, and organizes various traditional music concerts and events.



Tuesday, 21 April doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Cuchulain Kelly
Singing & Songwriting with a dry sense of humor

Cuchulain Kelley - guitar, songs & stories

Cuchulain (pronounced "ka-HOO-lin") is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. The name (yes, his real, legal name,
shared with a character in Irish mythology) says as much about him as it does his music: unique, creative, lyrical, and story-driven.
Cuchulain's tongue-in-cheek wit and activist spirit emerge from his carefully crafted lyrics, drawing comparisons to artists like
John Prine, Randy Newman, and Johnny Cash. His self-titled debut album, released in 2017, has been most appreciated for its
entrancing story-telling and rich and often surprising compositions, with more instruments than you can count, most of them played
by Cuchulain himself. Cuchulain is rapidly developing a cross-country following, with experiences living and performing in places
as disparate as Washington, DC, and San Francisco, California. His bass-baritone melodies will capture the attention of any
listening room and leave them laughing and crying the whole way home.
Cuchulain performs regularly with his band Handsome Hound.


Thursday, 23 April doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Dan & Laurel
Lyrically refreshing and musically diverse Roots-Folk



Monday, 27 April doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Mayhall / Scheinmann / Wood
New music for percussion, violin & piano

Wednesday, 29 April doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Never Come Down

Classic Bluegrass Quintet

Joe Suskind - Lead Guitar & Vocals
Crystal Lariza - Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
Brian Alley - Banjo
Kaden Hurst - Mandolin
Ben Ticknor - Bass

“If you never take a chance, you can never get it wrong, so you better take a chance before it’s gone”.
These lyrics from the song Chances on their self-titled debut album have become a mantra for the
members of Never Come Down. As band leader Joe Suskind puts it, “This band was born out of
taking risks. We all felt the pull to take a chance on our music and each other, so we left our day
jobs behind and hit the road. We’re taking a real swing at it.” Earnest songwriting, dedication to craft,
and genuine care for the music is at the forefront of what Never Come Down does. “We never tell each
other what to play; as a group we can feel it when the music is right.” It’s that feeling that
Never Come Down creates that has captivated audiences from the onset and is now drawing national attention.




Monday, 11 Maydoors - 6pm. music-7pm
The Rough & Tumble

Songs with Guitars, Ukes & Dogs



Sunday, 17 May doors - 6pm. music-7pm
The Byrne Brothers
Irish Family Band


The Byrne Brothers are a Family Band from Dublin who moved to Donegal for a few years
and now live in Orlando Florida.
They are all County Champions of their Traditional Irish Instruments, Duo and
Trio Champions and Ulster Champion Irish Dancers. Dad Tommy was Dublin Champion
on Bagpipes back in the day and now plays with them on Guitar, Uilleann Pipes, Fiddle Whistles and Bagpipes.
Their Show is fast paced with brilliant musicianship on multiple instruments, exciting and dynamic
arrangements as well as world class Irish dancing.

In 2015 The Byrne Brothers shot to fame in Ireland (after auditioning along with 10,000 other kids)
and realized every Irish kids' dream - getting on The Late Late Toy Show, Ireland's biggest TV Show.
In 2016 a video of them playing on the street at the Fleadh went viral with 3.4 million views
and was the most viewed video from Ireland for the entire year.
2017 had them performing at Americas most famous Irish Pub. Raglan Road Irish Pub
and Restaurant, for the St. Patrick's Festival at Disney Springs. American green cards were organized by
dint of their "Extraordinary Ability in the Arts" (EB-1 Visa) in August 2017. The home in Donegal was sold
and the family were on a plane in Jan 2018 to start a new life in America where they took up
residency in Raglan Road for 6 months. After more videos went massivly viral an RV was
bought and outfitted for family touring and since the summer of 2018 their lives have been a
constant parade of Festivals, Theater and Irish Centers.
Avid photographers and videographers, as well, they've started filming and
vlogging their adventureswhich can be found on The Byrne Family Vlogs Chanel on You Tube.

"Our plan is to continue Living the Dream - traveling the world with our music,
surf coolest beaches and share our adventures with photos and videos on our social media.


Sunday, 25 May doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Louise Bichan
Multi-media story telling of a Scots Grandmothers' emigration to Canada

Thursday, 28 May doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Folias Duo
Tangos on Flute & Guitar



***** Special Request *****
Many of our visiting performers are in need of a place to stay when they come to play.
Any House Concerteers with the wherewithall to take home a musician can count on,
not only free admission, but the scintillating company of a disciplined and conscientious
student of their chosen musical tradition. Let me know if this is a possibility.


These evenings are supported by the
soup, fresh bread, beer, wine, coffee, tea & general conviviality
for which doors will open an hour before the music starts.

Suggested Donation - $25 - 10 sliding scale
(thank you, Dan Compton)
Contact via:
(707) 499-8516 for more information