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The Quick Overview

Wednesday, 5 July doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Michael Moore & Richard Saunders

Conversations with Clarinet & Contrabass

Saturday, 8 July doors - 7pm. music-8pm
Leah Grams Johnson

Eureka Singer/Songwriter from Nashville

Thursday, 20 July doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Jonah Udall & Sound Underground

New Jazz trip from Miami, Fl.

Monday, 7 August doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Howard Alden

Virtuoso Jazz Guitar

Saturday, 12 August doors - 7pm. music-8pm
Bad Luck

Saxophone & Drums in conversation

Thursday, 7 Sept. doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Mare Wakefield & Nomad
Our pals from Nashville . . checkin' in

Tuesday, 19 Sept. doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Pete & Will Anderson
jazz saxophone duo

Thursday, 21 Sept. doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Ross Hammond
the return of understated guitar brilliance

Tuesday, 26 Sept. doors - 6pm. music-7pm
A Latin Evening

Thursday, 28 Sept.
doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Johnny Connolly & Eamon McElholm
2/5ths of Solas

Sunday, 15 October doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Cassie & Maggie McDonald
Cape Breton fiddle & piano

Thurs., 9 Nov. doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Ari & Mia Friedman
Americana Chamber-Folk

Wednesday, 5 July doors - 6pm. music-7pm
Michael Moore & Richard Saunders

Truth & Beauty on Clarinet, Alto Saxophone & Contrabass

One of the nice things about trying to write something about a musician of the stature of Michael Moore
is that it's territory many more accomplished writers have been treading for many years.

People like Bruce Lee Gallanter writing for the Downtown Music Gallery note that "Moore’s cascading alto sax
sounds like Lee Konitz or Paul Desmond at their coolest. His tone is stunning, the tune is lovely, calm and
exquisitely sublime. The tempo and intensity slowly build throughout until it drifts into the clouds
and simmers. Overall most of these songs have mellow, spacious sound. Quietly adventurous without breaking a sweat.
One of the more distinctive traits about Michael’s music is that he has a sly way of using less notes or
spaciousness while keeping the essence of the song intact. Playing a fragment of the entire melody or line and
letting the listener fill in the rest. His music seems to breathe and leaves us in magical state of mostly subdued grace.”

And Ed Hazell from Point of Departure weighs in with . . . .
“Few composer-improvisers can charm a listener like Michael Moore. His cool, silky tone, a bit dry,
but not unpleasantly so, attracts your ear to his playing. His compositions seem effortlessly lyrical,
but there’s always some odd little touch to grab your attention… This combination of modest beauty,
sly intelligence, and clear focus is entirely winning.”

Terry Gross's jazz guy, Kevin Whitehead, has written liner notes for numerous Michael Moore
recordings on his own Ramboy label including the following observation . . .
" Michael has an irresistable bitterweet sound on alto or clarinet, which never get cloying because
it's no end in itself, but a vehicle formusical ideas. he can also step back from that sound for relief."

Of course, the roots of this approbation lie here in Humboldt County, most specifically during the early 1970's
a heyday for local jazz, when the nightspots of 2nd Street in Eureka rang with the sounds of the creative flights
of players such as Barry Block, Bob Greve, Joe DeAndries, Nick Kirgo, Michael Vatcher and Richard Saunders
and many others.. This evening will mark a reunion of sorts for Michael Moore and Richard Saunders
as they made up two fifths of Joint Session, a group still remembered for making Old Town safe for creative music.

an article from the Ann Arbor Observer

A bio -

Saturday, 8 July doors - 7pm. music-8pm
Leah Grams Johnson

Eureka Singer/Songwriter from Nashville

It can come as no surprise that local youth with creative aspirations might discover the necessity
for taking what the area has to offer and then looking elsewhere for further stimlus.
In the case of Leah Grams Johnson, that elsewhere was first Boston and the Songwriting program at
the prestigious Berklee College of Music and then the mecca of all Songwriting, Nashville itself.

Her unique take on Country and Contemporary Folk music has resonated with fans of all musical backgrounds
nationwide. Intelligent, warm, and passionate, her music serves as a true reflection of her character and
perceptions of the world around her. Leah writes and sings from the heart, with words that go deep into
emotional connections and a voice said to be both angelic and powerfully authentic. Respected by artists
and critics, and loved by audiences, Leah is developing what is sure to be a long and memorable career
with her enrapturing voice and undeniable songs.
Leah has been performing since 2008 and continues
to satisfy and amaze audiences with her natural grace, charisma, and poignant storytelling.


"Leah's voice and music transport the listener to a powerful dive into the nuanced real.
With her songs she blazes her own trail, digging deep to find and share her personal
experience and understanding of life, love and the Journey. I recognize her unique vocal tone
and delivery the moment she starts singing. Her guitar playing is equally masterful.
She is the best kind of singer... she is an artist. "

-Judy Rodman, internationally renowned Vocal Coach



Wednesday 19 July
Sound Underground
New Eclectic Jazz from Miami

***** Special Request *****
Many of our visiting performers are in need of a place to stay when they come to play.
Any House Concerteers with the wherewithall to take home a musician can count on,
not only free admission, but the scintillating company of a disciplined and conscientious
student of their chosen musical tradition. Let me know if this is a possibility.


Imagining what a House Concert featuring one tune from each of our performers over the entire year might sound like, I've lined up one example of what each of our performers have provided us over the past year. To be sure, there have been a couple of evenings that missed being recorded and I hope your favorite was not among them. I also hope you can do without titles as announcements are not always intelligible on the recordings. Click on each of these links to access the audio files.

01) Cillian Vallely & Kevin Crawford
02) Dan Newton
03) The Lost Trio
04) Hanz Araki/Colleen Raney/Stuart Mason
05) Goitse
06) Snowapple
07) Johnny Connoly & Leonard Barry
08) Cassie & Maggie McDonald
09) Frankie & Sean Gavin
10) Syrinx Effect
11) Dana Lyn & Kyle Sanna
12) Luke Brechtelsbauer
13) Dan Walsh
14) David Power
15) Pascal Gemme & Yann Falquet
16) Johnny Connolly/Winifred Horan/Cary Novotny
17) Anita McDonald
18) John Schott ACTUAL Trio
19) Ned Evett


These evenings are supported by the
soup, fresh bread, beer, wine, coffee, tea & general conviviality
for which doors will open an hour before the music starts.

Suggested Donation - $25 - 10 sliding scale
(thank you, Dan Compton)
Contact via:
(707) 499-8516 for more information