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Mendocino, California

The Lark Camp Band meets every day from 11am to 1pm in the meadow down in the valley below the main part of Camp One. For the most part we explore the band music from traditional wind bands around the world. The band traditions of India, Brasil, Indonesia, Mexico, Suriname, Africa, Bolivia, Peru, the Balkans and many more get visited. The group is a perennial hit at the Balkan and Andean Dance nights and was once even invited to play (and did!) at the English Country Dance. Over the past few years we've established a tradition of playing together with 'Os Gaiteiros de Norte de California' the group of Galician Gaitas (bagpipes) at Lark Camp. Here's a video of one of those events - the tune is called Sansonette:

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You Guys are my favorite Balkan Brass Band in the US!
(Vasily Bebelekov, Lark Camp Bulgarian gaida instructor)

I LOVE the brass and gaitas! They've become one of my favorite events for the whole camp! (unnamed Larker)

You guys ROCK ! ! ! (some kid in the dinner line)

2015 News

What a great week we had. Right from the get go, doing the Latin dance on Sunday was HUGE. Getting people to stick around and actually dance was a great leap forward for the group! And of course the Balkan Dance was the usual killer. Bravos to us for pulling together such a seamless segue between those two toons and such a great goove! I'm still waiting for documentation of both of these events to surface in Facebookland. If anyone knows anyone who might have recorded those . . . . . . .
git after 'em.

I do have these recordings of the Gaita encontro.

Pasodoble de Fraga
Xota de Pazos de Borbén
Marcha Processional

And of course, Rickies daughter Kaili posted probably the best video yet of the event, but only of the new tune, Pazos de Borbén, ruff ending an all. Then Donna's husband, Ed, posted another video of the same tune

Since it was getting so much attention here's the original source we were working from - https://www.facebook.com/pablorios1982/videos/vb.615419396/10152910864914397/?type=2&theater

And here's more original source recordings for the new material I'd brought in that we totally forgot about by the end of the week. There's some good stuff there

Chechri Waltz - Master Saphi Band, India
Cumbia Jarocha - Banda El Pueblito, Sinaloa, Mexico
Hip-Hop - Hit 'n Run, Amsterdam, Holland
Tinajana - Orkes Bambu Seng Klarinet Berlain, Minahasa, Indonesia
Rumba - Boban Markovic, Serbia

And here's all the e-mail contacts I collected so we can all stay in touch

Gregg Moore - grgg465@gmail.com
Jimmy Deurschlag - jimmydur@asis.com
Mark Jackson - mark@ukestra.com
Rickie Anderson - runtis3@comcast.net
Sandy Feldhorn - sfeldhorn@gmail.com
Sue Scully - suekalkman@gmail.com
Nathan Feldhorn - nat-han@sonic.net
Marie Schaefer Stretch - benbowrapids@gmail.com
Doug Whitney - plectrumdoug@verizon.net
Andy Barnett - abarnett@asis.com

And before I forget, here's a link to the video of Tunak Tunak Tun I promised. Don't hurt yourself.